La Nuit D'or
Are you looking for a real stay in a typical yet welcoming home…

At your arrival, you will directly discover a simple, warm and friendly atmosphere. In a green while modern

environment, Bernadette Dethier invites you to rest and relax with a nice comeback to nature.

The breakfast table is served everyday in the living room with a wonderful and unique view on the “Ambleve”.

In the direct neighborhoods,  you will enjoy many adventures walks in the forests (or VTT, Ski, … depending on the season)

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La Villa

La Nuit d'Or

Adresse : DETHIER Bernadette
Rue des Hauts Sarts, 17
4950 Waimes ( Thirimont)
Tél / Fax 32 (0) 80 67 81 31
G.S.M 32 (0) 494 81 58 33
Web :